Monday, 24 March 2014


I am sure that many of you believe in love at the first sight. It sounds really romantic. But I am sure very few of you have the luxury to experience it. You always remember your first love, but you always die with your last.
Everybody has their own definition of love. Everybody explains it differently. Love can be for any person, or nature, or anything for that matter.
When it comes to people and relationships, here is what I would like to say.
With the modernity creeping in the society, the understanding of love and the concept of falling in love once and only once is fading away. People have become really practical nowadays in anything they do. This practicality can also be seen in the area of love and friendship. Dates, candlelight dinner, dancing on slow romantic songs are being done only for the sake of experience; and not only once with one person.
People today really know how to move on. They don’t spend much time in sobbing, repenting and wondering what went wrong in their relationship. They are merely sad for some time and within no time at all they are seen with someone else; often called the rebound.
The sad point is that people have started taking love very lightly as some kind of joke. Love is not just being with someone for some time and then leaving that person for some little thing he/she did you didn’t like. Love is about accepting people for who they are. It is a cocktail of adjustment, compromise, freedom, trust, understanding, sharing the laughter and the tears.
It is not at all wrong to fall in love more than once. But the way people are taking it today is not right. They purity of love is not intact anymore nowadays. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend has become a status symbol. If you have somebody with you then you are considered as normal, else you are frowned upon or made fun of. You are not in the league, so you are left out. There are people who have accepted the fact that they settle with anyone, less than them only because of the fear of being alone. Does this sound healthy in any way?
No. Not to me at least.

Love is a nurturing thing. It has a power of healing. It makes you feel special. It makes you feel complete. Love once or love twice; make sure you do it by heart and make sure it is true. Make every moment count. Make every second special. Give yourself completely to the other person and you will be surprised by what you get in return. A commitment and a promise that will be enough to make you happy and satisfy you till your last breath.


Each and every person expects something from the other. In today’s competitive world, you are required to fulfil those expectations and work in that direction. Failure is not an option at all. When you fail to come up to somebody’s expectations and don’t fulfil their wishes, they hardly give you a second chance to prove yourself again. So, all the years of hard work and effort goes down the drain when you fail. You can lose your good reputation which you had build up in quite some time, you lose the goodwill which you earned by your exemplary work in the past and most of all you lose your recognition for some time. You lose your faith in yourself. All this can cost you a lot in the present scenario.
The people who must not be disappointed include your boss, your teacher, your parents, your colleagues, your friends – basically the whole world around you. The sad point is that people have become very talkative nowadays and love to gossip. The news about your failure is out to the world in seconds before you can even stop it. The good work you do – no one cares to listen. Oh but when you don’t succeed, then that is something to talk about!
Hence, expectations must be taken care of in order to prove yourself.
We all are under pressure.
As a student you are worried about the grades in the subject, finishing homework on time and keeping all your work up to date. Once you finish school, you have to worry about getting into good undergraduate college. The next thing you find yourself doing is praying to get a decent job with good money. Then you have to enhance your profile by doing post graduation from an excellent place. Your teachers, parents and relatives just expect you to achieve that, pressuring you each and every day, reminding you how important it is for you to achieve that. When you are working in some company you have to worry about finishing your target in time. If you don’t, you are fired the next moment. You are required to do every possible thing in order to keep your job. You stay up all night, work long hours in office glued to your chair and forget about your needs and wants. You have no time to relax at all. You have to please so many people around you that you forget about your own happiness. You are left with no time whatsoever to do something which pleases you. It can be gaming, watching movies, writing, reading, sketching, painting, shopping - anything for that matter.
You go under pressure and a lot of stress which again has only bad effects on you, your mind and your body. People are getting heart attacks in their twenties only. The others are suffering from hypertension, blood pressure and god knows what else. Why? Why is this happening to young people who are supposed to handle the future of the country? Does all this sound reasonable and healthy?
I am a student and I know I am under a lot of pressure and have so many people around me keeping an eye on me – expecting something from me. I can’t let them down because that is not an option. The only thing I can do is to find a middle way to do things which others expect and do things which please me - at least for stress busting.

So what I am trying to say is that expectation comes with a lot of tension, stress and pressure; but we should not succumb to it at all. We should believe in ourselves and work in the right direction. Anyone who does that will definitely achieve something good. You will fall and trip sometimes, but again you should have the courage and strength to pick yourself up from the ground and start walking again. Success will definitely come to you. You will be satisfied when you fulfil those expectations and that in turn will surely please you.